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17th January 2023  Content supplied by: MBV AG

Environmental Monitoring: Microbial Air Samplers for Every Need

Sometimes it's the smallest things that matter the most. Minimal air contamination can have serious consequences. That's why MAS-100 microbial air samplers are not only highly precise, robust, fully validated, and documented but also easy to operate and clean. They meet the requirements of even the most demanding industries. Furthermore, the MAS-100 environmental monitoring instruments are designed to be used successfully in many applications.

MAS-100 portable microbial air samplers - handy and precise. In any situation.
When it comes to collecting microorganisms regardless of location, a wide range of MAS-100 portable microbial air samplers offers complete flexibility and independence in your daily work. Be it in cleanrooms, laminar flow hoods, research laboratories, and anywhere else you happen to be.

  • Compliant with ISO 14698
  • Integrated airflow control
  • Dialogue-based operation
  • Can be used without mains power
  • Housing made of sturdy, anodized aluminium
  • Explosion-proof models also available
  • Compatible with culture media plates of different manufacturers as well as with self-filled culture media plates

Learn more about MAS-100 portable microbial air samplers such as MAS-100 NT, MAS-100 NT Ex, MAS-100 VF and MAS-100 Eco

MAS-100 microbial air samplers for isolators and RABS Permanently installed -
always under control.

MBV's integrated MAS-100 Iso microbial air samplers are used wherever production processes are subject to the most stringent requirements, and not even the slightest contamination is tolerable. Ease of use even for bio-decontamination, integration into overarching systems, and the robust design of our instruments provide you with just the level of protection you require.

  • Developed according to GAMP 4/5, fully validated according to ISO 14698 and EN 17141
  • Can be used in ISO 14644-1 cleanliness class 5, GMP Grade A environments
  • No moving components (e.g., blowers) in the enclosure
  • Sequentially switched double valve protects the enclosure from contaminant ingress
  • All components in the housing are made exclusively of pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel
  • Precision seal between perforated cover and collection head without sealing ring facilitates cleaning and disinfection
  • Optional installation of environmental protection filters for the processing of highly active substances
  • Compatible with many different culture plates e.g., 90mm Petri dishes or Growth Direct plates

Learn more about MAS-100 microbial air samplers for isolators and RABS such as MAS-100 Iso NT and MAS-100 Iso MH

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Date Published: 17th January 2023

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