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Food Safety Simplified with High Performance Enrichment Media

Actero™ Improves the accuracy and cost of your food safety testing. FoodChek Systems Inc. develops and provides cutting edge food safety solutions for the enrichment of foodborne and environmental pathogens, especially for problem matrices. Booth #832.
Posted: 2018-07-02 F

Testing for Foodborne Pathogens in your Operation? Consider Puritan

Puritan’s US made line of specimen collection and transport devices for environmental sampling assures your lab of consistent and reliable results. See features and benefits here, and visit with us at IAFP booth #1109 to learn more and request samples.
Posted: 2018-07-02 F

IDSA/ASM New Guide to Microbiology Lab Diagnosis of Infectious Disease

With technology moving so rapidly, a new microbiology lab diagnosis of infectious disease guide from IDSA and ASM helps health care providers know what test to order and when. The guide underscores the importance of careful and correct collection and management of blood, urine, skin or other tissue specimens.
Posted: 2018-07-02 C

Infection Control in Endoscopy - Experts’ Online Symposium

The new DEC™ Duodenoscope represents a breakthrough in infection prevention for biliopancreatic endoscopy procedures, addressing the need for single-use endoscopy products. PENTAX Medical hosted lecture series on reducing risk of infection in ERCP procedures is now online.
Posted: 2018-07-02 C

Solus™ One Listeria for Next Day Detection of Listeria in Environmental Samples

A highly efficient assay for the next day detection of Listeria spp. in environmental samples. Solus One Listeria provides a negative or a presumptive positive result from a single enrichment step in under 25 hours.
Posted: 2018-07-02 F

Everything Your Lab Needs for QC. We’re Up to the Challenge.

Microbiologics is the leading provider of QC microorganisms for food laboratories. We offer custom controls and over 900 strains in a variety of formats including qualitative, quantitative, GFP, and Certified Reference Materials (CRM).
Posted: 2018-07-02 C F P V W

The New Generation Concentrating Pipette Select from InnovaPrep is Here!

The CP Select is an automated sample prep instrument for liquids. It improves the sensitivity for any analytical method with a clean & concentrated sample input. Replacing incubation and centrifugation steps makes sample prep faster, easier, & better.
Posted: 2018-07-02 C F P V W

Choose INTERSCIENCE for your Microbiological Analyses

INTERSCIENCE provides full equipment for safe analysis, from solid sample preparation to final bacterial enumeration and results - lab homogenizers, sterile filter bags, gravimetric dilutors, automatic platers, automatic colony counters and various lab tools.
Posted: 2018-07-02 F

Seward and Inlabtec Announce US Sales Cooperation

See how the new Stomacher 400 EVO and iNLABTEC Serial Dilution system can streamline your laboratory sample preparation and reduce single use plastics. Seward and iNLABTEC will be presenting together for the first time at IAFP 2018 Booth #324 .
Posted: 2018-07-02 F

New Software Improves Antibiotic SIR Determination Using Latest EUCAST Rules

The new eAST software now has all the 2018 EUCAST breakpoint values, accurately generates and analyses data for clinical use and antibiotic research
Posted: 2018-06-28 C

Pyrogen Detection No Longer Requires Animal Testing

Pyrogen detection no longer requires animal testing Did you know that current regulations recommend replacing the Rabbit Pyrogen Test with in vitro tests such as the Monocyte Activation Test (MAT)? Find out how the new ready-to-use PyroMAT™ kit can help you to perform MAT in your lab.
Posted: 2018-06-28 C O P

BAX® System Assays Now Meet New ISO 16140-2 Standard for All AFNOR-approved Methods

AFNOR has granted extensions to cover 10 BAX® System PCR assays for Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, L. monocytogenes and Genus Listeria . See list of BAX System Real-Time and traditional assays meeting ISO 16140-2 and AFNOR standards.
Posted: 2018-06-27 F

Both Phenotype and Genotype Testing for Antibiotic Resistance in UTIs

Guidance is a commercially available molecular diagnostic test that detects 42 microbial organisms associated with chronic urologic infections, determines antibiotic sensitivity, and identifies the resistance genes to determine the susceptibility of the infection to antibiotics considered for treatment.
Posted: 2018-06-26 C

Dry Sample-ready Plates Are Ideal Alternative to RMMs

Replace the Petri dish Experts in the food microbiology testing market, Strategic Consultants, Inc. report that around 50% of global microbiological testing is still done on traditional media. But that doesn't mean everyone is filling plates with agar.
Posted: 2018-06-26 F

Screw Cap Specially Optimized for Automated Handling

Screw Cap Ultra is the latest addition to the range of caps for tubes with an internal thread that Micronic offers to seal tubes. The design of the cap is optimized for automated and manual handling.
Posted: 2018-06-26 C F O P V W

CosmosID Achieves Highest Score in Strain-level Microbial Profiling and Identification

The in precisionFDA CFSAN Pathogen Detection Challenge, CosmosID took the lead in strain identification by correctly identifying the highest number of culture negative and spiked-in samples and overall outperforming other contenders in strain-level detection and identification of microbes in metagenomic samples.
Posted: 2018-06-25

BioFront Offers Comprehensive Range of Rapid Test Kits for Allergens

BioFront offers a comprehensive food allergen testing platform that includes rapid test kits for nuts, dairy, crustacea, gluten, soy, seeds etc. Rapid test kits are also available for veterinary drug residues and mycotoxins. Visit IAFP booth #428.
Posted: 2018-06-25 F

Now Available: First Plant-based PCA from Döhler

Plate Count Agar Döhler’s first Plant-Based, Plate Count Agar (PCA) is a standardised and ready-to-use culture medium for the rapid and reliable quantitative detection of total viable microorganism count.
Posted: 2018-06-21 F

One Enrichment, One Protocol, One Kit. All Common Pathogens Detected.

Simplify pathogen testing. One enrichment, one protocol, one multiplex PCR kit. Simplify workflow, inventory, logistics, labor, training, lab footprint, & regulatory.
Posted: 2018-06-21 F

New Polypropylene Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs Offer Enhanced Chemical Resistance

New Polypropylene Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs INTEGRA has expanded its popular reagent reservoir product family to include polypropylene reservoirs with enhanced chemical compatibility.
Posted: 2018-06-21 C F P V

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