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9th January 2018  Content supplied by: Mobidiag Oy (HQ)

Novodiag® Launched - New Diagnostic Solution for Infectious Diseases

Tuomas Tenkanen (Mobidiag CEO) and the fully automated Novodiag® systemThe new Novodiag® solution allows direct analysis of a patient sample placed in a disposable cartridge and delivers comprehensive results within a few hours. In a time where antibiotic resistance is a major threat for global health, the optimized process offered by Novodiag allows, among other things, to detect antibiotic resistance and limit the systematic use of antibiotics.

This instrument allows detection of infectious diseases in a few hours and supports infection management accordingly. This molecular diagnostic solution offers an easy to use and cost-efficient method, with very limited hands-on-time and without the need for much technical expertise. Novodiag is particularly suitable for low volumes and on demand testing for clinical laboratories. Novodiag brings the power of molecular diagnostics into routine use for on-demand targeted and syndromic testing, a combination unachieved by other providers says Tuomas Tenkanen, CEO at Mobidiag. One of our cartridges can also identify dozens of targets, including the majority of bacteria that cause diarrhea, for instance. With quick and reliable results, our fully automated system can support early decision making prior to any treatment delivery and also improve patient care by reducing for example the unnecessary use of antibiotics, a key focus in our product pipeline explains Tuomas Tenkanen. Zoom on Mobidiag, a committed player in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Mobidiag takes action in infectious disease diagnostics, including antibiotic resistances. There are between twenty five to thirty antibiotic resistant genes. Our solution can, with one single sample, detect large panel of targets. We can then avoid spreading of these resistances in hospital settings, sates Yann Marcy, Director of Mobidiag France.

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Date Published: 9th January 2018

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