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25th February 2013  Content supplied by: Phthisis Diagnostics

Norovirus GII Molecular Standard Now Available

Phthisis Diagnostics, Inc. have introduced a new product, the G-Sphere® Norovirus GII Molecular Standard. Norovirus GII accounts for the majority of adult outbreaks of gastroenteritis and can often sweep around the globe, as we have seen with the numerous outbreaks this past winter.Because Norovirus GII cannot be cultured, control material can be difficult to obtain. The Phthisis Diagnostics product is a synthetic, safe, and abundant source of positive control material for reverse transcription PCR and other molecular applications. The standard is compatible with almost every CDC recommended assay, as well as commercial assays.

And coming soon - the G-Sphere® Norovirus GI Molecular Standard will be available later this year.


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Date Published: 25th February 2013

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