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26th October 2022  Content supplied by: Diamidex

Nobel Prize Awarded Technology Used for Detection of Legionella pneumophila 

Today, Diamidex is the only company in the world (in the field of microbiology) selling a solution using bio-orthogonal chemistry.

Last month, The Nobel Prize committee awarded Carolyn Bertozzi, Morteen Meldal, and K. Barry Sharpless for their work on bio-orthogonal chemistry and click-chemistry. Click here for more information on the Nobel Prize 2022 in Chemistry

It is thanks to this major discovery that Sam Dukan, former research director at CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and co-founder and CEO of Diamidex, and Boris Vauzeilles, director of ICSN (CNRS), co-discovered the way to detect the pathogenic bacterium Legionella pneumophila.  

A discovery that appeared on the front page of Angewandte Chemie in 2014 and brought Diamidex to where it is.  

The Diamidex technology: a combination of culture, microbial tagging, and revolutionary optical equipment

Using click-chemistry and bio-orthogonal Chemistry, Diamidex has created a specific solution for enumerating pathogens bacterium Legionella pneumophila in 48 hours instead of 10 days with standard culture methods. This new approach allows easy detection of culturable Legionella pneumophila, while other Legionella species are not labeled.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology combining the use of culture and fluorescent marking with revolutionary optical equipment, it is now possible to make microorganisms visible sooner than with the traditional method at their very early stage of microcolony. 

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Date Published: 26th October 2022

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