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24th September 2020  Content supplied by: IUL S.A.

New Reader Quantifies the Level of Viral Load in COVID-19 Infected Patients

IUL SA has designed a reader that delivers qualitative and quantitative results and can be used to conduct large-scale studies for coronavirus (COVID-19) immunity monitoring.

The reader, apart from differentiating between positive or negative, interprets IgG and IgM tests and Ag (antigen) tests by capturing and processing the image of the same test. Therefore, it allows analysis of the intensity of the response with its advanced optical and image analysis system.

This technology represents a breakthrough in lateral flow readers since the results are obtained by avoiding subjectivity, and increasing sensitivity in reading rapid tests. This reader will help in the traceability of COVID-19 cases and mass-screening. It could be used by non-trained personnel to interpret the results.

In 2 months, IUL S.A. has equipped the reader with cyber-secure connectivity with HL7 to export data to LIMS; LIS, HIS, EMR, or any middleware, allowing the export of the data, obtained with rapid tests, to a patient's medical history in real-time. In this way, the privacy of the patient is ensured while the disease is detected safely and without errors.

IUL S.A. technology is currently marketed in the United States, Asia, and various European countries and can be used in hospitals, airports, and pharmacies, among others. The reader is CE marked and FDA listed. IUL meets the criteria for a quality management system certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485:2016 Medical devices - Quality management systems.

Get fast results through a safer and more efficient system

The new reader can be coupled to most rapid tests on the market, increasing the objectivity of the reading and obtaining much faster results than PCR. In this way, a more efficient test is carried out which can change the dynamics of a situation and help to regain normality in fields such as culture, sports, leisure, tourism, the organization of events or restaurants, severely hit during the pandemic.

The reader can assist in the diagnosis of COVID-19 in the initial stages of the infection and during the recovery phase. Furthermore, infected people could be quickly identified and thus allow better patient management as well as more efficient use of current healthcare resources.

For more information about IUL's innovative iPeak® reader click the green "Request Information" button below.

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Date Published: 24th September 2020

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