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19th August 2020  Content supplied by: SY-LAB Geraete GmbH

New High Capacity Square Anaerobic Jar

This unique new product from SY-LAB is designed to use with any microplate in line with the standard SBS format (microtiter plates, deepwell plates) for microbial cultures under anaerobic conditions. 

The nox.18 anaerobic jar will also accommodate Petri dishes or large test tubes and bottles. nox.18 enables combined use of multiple jar gassing systems, anaerobic chambers and GasPak™ applications.

The transparent lid facilitates the view on the samples and atmosphere indicators at any time. The lid is equipped with a rapid connection valve for convenient gas exchange as well as a manometer for monitoring and is clamped to the core of the box, thus facilitating manipulation.

Adjusting two metal racks with a total sample capacity of 64 microplates or standard Petri dishes the nox.18 jar provides a currently unrivalled size as well as significant economic benefits for jar based high capacity anaerobic incubation.

The nox.18 features include:

  • square anaerobic jar

  • small footprint

  • high sample capacity

  • transparent lid

  • Manometer for gas exchange control

  • quick connector for jar gassing systems

  • lid fixed to housing

  • easy cleaning and disinfection

Find out more about the new square anaerobic jar here

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Date Published: 19th August 2020

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