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8th May 2023  Content supplied by: SY-LAB Geraete GmbH

Enumeration of Butyric Acid Producing Clostridia - Rapid Chromogenic MPN Assay

Spores of Clostridia are harmful to cheese making and still pose a major technological challenge in producing long-ripened hard cheeses from raw milk and, due to their high heat tolerance, sometimes also in cheeses made from pasteurized milk with a more extended ripening period.

SY-LAB AmpMedia 666 is a new chromogenic microbiological broth enabling the selective and highly sensitive enumeration of even low levels of clostridial spores. The media is provided as a liquid concentrate enabling the simple processing of large sample volumes to achieve detection levels down to less than 14 spores/litre. SY-LAB offers solutions for manual, semi-automated, and fully automated testing tailored to almost any laboratory and testing setup.

The method has recently found its way into a document on method comparisons at the International Dairy Federation (IDF). On version number 22/2022, IDF has published an IDF fact sheet on the topic as mentioned above that is available as a free download from the IDF website.

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Date Published: 8th May 2023

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