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18th June 2012  Content supplied by: 

New B. cereus Selective Agar BACARA in FDA BAM

AES CHEMUNEX, a bioMérieux Company is pleased to announce that the FDA BAM (Bacteriological Analytical Manual) Bacillus Chapter 14 has been updated with the inclusion of BACARA™ method for the detection and enumeration of Bacillus cereus in food samples.

BACARA™ is a proprietary chromogenic selective and differential agar, promoting the growth and identification of B. cereus. This medium inhibits greatly the growth of background flora.

BACARA is a recommended replacement of MYP agar thanks to improved selectivity and faster results, it also provides easy readings since typical colonies are pink-orange surrounded by a zone of precipitation. BACARA permits the identification of all species from the B.cereus group.

Visit for more information on Bacillus cereus culture medium.

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Date Published: 18th June 2012

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