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29th November 2022  Content supplied by: Neogen Europe Limited

MicroVal Certified Commercial Sterility Testing 

Neogen®’s Soleris® NF-105 testing vial has been developed to streamline commercial sterility testing, helping to ensure you have confidence in your ultra-high temperature treatment. With the ability to use a sample size up to 5 mL, the vial provides accurate and sensitive results, helping to safeguard product quality, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation.

The ISO 16140-2 validation concluded that the Soleris NF-105 method not only provided increased sensitivity but also provided a time saving of up to 15 days versus traditional methods described in the EU regulation (EC) No 1662/2006 and the council directive 92 / 46 / EEC.  Faster results and streamlined processes result in quicker product release, enhanced productivity, and more time for other laboratory tasks.

The Soleris Next Generation system combines intuitive software, an innovative instrument, and ready-to-use testing vials to offer rapid, automated microbial detection for a range of spoilage and indicator organisms. 

Learn more about the ISO 16140-2 validation, the NF-105 testing vial, or the Soleris system here. Alternatively, use the Request Information button below to contact the supplier.

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Date Published: 29th November 2022

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