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Mettler-Toledo Offers New Weighing-related SOP Consulting Service

METTLER TOLEDO, a global provider of weighing devices for weighing in industrial and laboratory environments, is pleased to offer businesses a new SOP Consulting Service to optimize their weighing processes. METTLER TOLEDO now offers a consulting service to make SOPs audit-proof.

The SOPs are based on METTLER TOLEDO's proven Good Weighing Practice™ weighing standard and GWP® Verification. Once the SOP is ready for one site, it can be easily adapted across regions or sites.

GWP is the only science-based global standard for efficient lifecycle management of weighing systems, developed from the expertise of METTLER TOLEDO. It ensures consistent accuracy of weighing processes, applicable to all equipment from any manufacturer. It helps businesses to:

  • Choose the appropriate balance or scale
  • Calibrate and operate your weighing equipment with security and
  • Comply with quality and compliance standards in laboratory and manufacturing.

The basic four-day SOP package can be used to establish a new SOP or to adapt an existing one. An SOP consultant and weighing expert will lead the project and provide the SOP. Using the findings from the assessment of GWP® Verification, the Weighing SOP includes the re-writing or the integration of the following:

  • Frequency of performance verification testing
  • Tests to perform
  • Weight standards to use and
  • Testing tolerances.

For more information, visit www.mt.com/gwp-sop-consulting.



Date Published: 27th June 2016

Source article link: Mettler-Toledo, Inc.

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