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23rd January 2023  Content supplied by: Diamidex

Can Legionella Water Testing Rapid Methods be "Better Than ISO 11731"? 

Diamidex is one of those companies that started with a technological innovation. By discovering a way to detect and identify bacteria earlier using Click Chemistry (a technology that was awarded a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2022), the company founded by Sam Dukan has developed a rapid solution to detect Legionella pneumophila bacteria.

Using its intelligent colony counter MICA, Diamidex solutions offer companies and laboratories a colony counter that gives results equivalent or better than the one obtained with the ISO 11731:2017 method. MICA Legionella method has been compared to ISO 11731 by independent laboratories. The reported results are equivalent or better than those obtained by the standard method. Diamidex proposes a result in Colony Forming Unit (CFU) with a definitive result in 48 hours instead of 10 days in laboratory.

  • The results for hot sanitary water are equivalent to the standard method in 48 hours 
  • While for cooling towers, they are even better. Indeed, the reduced incubation period of 48 hours compared to the usual ten days in the laboratory prevents the growth of interfering flora and allows for a more accurate count.

Diamidex continues its development by proposing MICA Legionella method to accreditation and certification bodies in different countries to be part of regulatory or alternative methods to ISO method 11731. Being able to save eight days in the transmission of results is particularly important for the control of microbiological quality in water networks, whether for domestic hot water or for cooling towers.

Read the full article in The Journal of the AOAC or use the Request Information button below to contact the supplier directly.

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Date Published: 23rd January 2023

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