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8th January 2020  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Latest Microbiology Newsletter - 7 Jan 2020

In this weeks microbiology newsletter, find:

  • How to solve problems with PCR positive but culture negative samples - remove free DNA found in food pathogen enrichment broth using PREraser BACGene

  • Special interview with FoodChek explores latest innovations in food pathogen enrichment formulations

  • Ramboldi, a range of single use sterile plastic products for use in general microbiology and life science applications

  • Is your lab using MALDI-TOF identification yet? Find out how to build a cost case and experiences of other labs

  • How Bio-Rad supported a food testing lab during South African Listeria Outbreak of 2017 - video


To read the full newsletter go to: www.rapidmicrobiology.com/view-newsletter/184

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Date Published: 8th January 2020

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