rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 7 January 2020.
Chromogenic media from Bio-Rad
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South Africa&rsquo;s <em>Listeria </em>Outbreak: Bio-Rad&rsquo;s Customer Testimonial (video)
During the 2017 Listeria outbreak in South Africa, Bio-Rad provided Microchem Lab Services (MLS) support with their wide-range of prepared Listeria media. Ilse Liedemann, Microbiology Lab manager at MLS, gives a first-hand account on the vital support from Bio-Rad in those challenging times.   more... 
PR<em>Eraser</em> BAC<em>Gene</em>: Reliable PCR Results by Elimination of Free DNA
Eurofins GeneScan Technologies has developed PREraser BACGene for the effective elimination of free DNA from food sample enrichments of various matrices, reducing the rate of culturally unconfirmed positive PCR results during pathogen detection.  more... 
Ramboldi<sup>&reg;</sup> Consumables for Clinical Applications
Scilabware is pleased to offer the Ramboldi range of single use plastic products for use in general microbiology and life science applications. Specifically aimed at customers within the healthcare sector we offer a range of sterile products suitable for the management of patient samples.  more... 
Advances in Enrichment Media for Food Pathogen Testing
Reducing enrichment times for target food pathogens is the responsibility of Sergiy Olishevskyy, VP of R&D, at FoodChek Systems, he and Sandra Rogoza, talk here to rapidmicrobiology.com about time savings that can be achieved with the latest formulations and future developments in enrichments.  more... 
Best Swab for Flu Detection
STEC and Salmonella Seminar
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Contact Plate

Our culture media for environmental monitoring in cleanrooms, isolators, and RABS are designed to meet ISO 14698 requirements.

The new media formulation TSA with LTHThio (Lecithin, Polysorbate 80, Histidine, and Sodium thiosulfate) provides the following novel and unique features:

  • 12 months shelf-life (room temperature storage)
  • Add-ons to the Certificate of Analysis
    • Verification of anaerobic growth for lockable ICR plates
    • Functionality check of individual 2D Data matrix code
    • Neutralisation efficiency test
ISO 11133 culture media quality assurance – latest updates and practical lab tips
Ask the food microbiology expert your questions about culture media quality assurance and get practical lab tips for your daily culture media handling, preparation, shelf-life and performance testing. 
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