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14th November 2019  Content supplied by: Priorclave Ltd.

Lab Autoclaves with Eco Credentials at Medica 2019


Priorclave returns to take up its regular spot on the British Pavilion at Medica 2019 where it has a theme of eco-friendly products spear-headed by the popular QCS range of front-loading autoclaves which offers models up to 200 litre capacity.

The Priorclave QCS 100 litre front loading laboratory autoclave will be the main feature on stand G01-1 Hall 1. With its low loading height, wide door swing, advanced programming for simple to more complex sterilising tasks, effective use of power and water plus superb operator safety standards the QCS100 is one of the safest and most efficient autoclaves available in the world

Its energy efficiency giving lower running costs and a competitive price means that this model should appeal to lab managers in diverse industrial sectors such as food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, and healthcare. It is also ideal for researchers that prepare media and sterilize liquids, waste and glassware

dd the benefit of a large 500mm diameter chamber which is believed to be largest currently available for this size of machine, coupled with a much smaller overall footprint that would be expected, it enables this compact 100 litre capacity front loading autoclave  to be installed where other designs are often too large.

Built to International Standards, the QCS autoclave range incorporates epoxy coated panels and frame, treated with an anti-bacterial agent which is highly effective against all bacteria and fungi including MRSA, E.coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella and Pseudomonas, helping to prevent cross-contamination within the laboratory.

Visit stand G01-1 Hall 1 at Medica 2019 to see the very latest technological advances that include the latest release of Tactrol®3, a controller that presents to the user a crystal-clear LCD display. It provides a more simplistic approach to function settings yet still retains the simple to use day to day operation of previous versions with Start Vent and Door buttons. Overall this gives more precise control and delivers information on cycle process to achieve the ultimate in sterilisation performance.

Settings and viewing of functions are simply accessed through a five keypad and displayed on the high-resolution LCD display panel; the display is not touchscreen type. This has significant advantages for the laboratory sector since settings can be made and checked without having to remove protective gloves. 

Tactrol®3  also provides full setting security, managed with passcodes and a manual key-switch, making it ideal for environments where pre-programs need to be kept tamperproof.   These would include pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy as well as critical research centres.

Priorclave is also able to add Wi-Fi capability through its development. This provides immediate connectivity to a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Smartphones, tablets, iPads and laptops.  It provides laboratory staff with an opportunity to remotely monitor sterilising parameters during the processing cycle.  Bee Live also allows authorised personnel a facility to alter, re-set programmed parameters and provide diagnostics for servicing.

From its own UK design and manufacturing centre, Priorclave ships around the world, this global brand supported fully by a dedicated support and service team.

The QCS range is extremely popular, the ideal research and laboratory autoclaves where lab managers are looking for a highly reliable, energy-efficient steriliser that can provide an extremely low-cost of ownership throughout its life cycle.

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Date Published: 14th November 2019

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