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26th March 2021  Content supplied by: IUL S.A.

IUL Launches iPeak®+, The New Lateral Flow Reader for Large Cassettes

IUL SA has launched iPeak+, a new colorimetric off-the-shelf lateral flow reader designed to hold large cassettes. This portable reader is equipped with connectivity, and it is able to read cassettes of up to 5 strips with 7 lines per strip at the same time.

Nowadays, more objectivity, sensitivity, traceability, and connectivity are demanded for the analysis of lateral flow tests. That is why the need for reasonably priced, cost-effective Lateral Flow Readers is increasing. iPeak+ is a Point of Care (PoC) Quantitative and Qualitative Lateral Flow Reader that ensures precise interpretation of results for both routine sample testing and research, even for the development of lateral flow tests.

Higher Sensitivity and More Traceability
iPeak+ is equipped with the Flash Eye technology based on the principles of machine vision illumination. Its camera captures the image of the test illuminated from Led lights situated in the most studied geometry in order to achieve a precise and uniform illumination and enhance the colours of any lateral flow test. iPeak+ comes with its own built-in R&D software not only to read daily samples but also to develop your own tests delivering different digital colour filters individually to each line within the same strip.

With iPeak+ technology, it is possible to get more sensitivity and even to quantify. Its levels of sensitivity are the success of its application, and its technology has been used to fight biological threads, especially useful in this pandemic context.

iPeak+ is equipped with Datamatrix reading for complete sample traceability, WiFi, Bluetooth, and LAN connectivity for interaction with portable devices such as Mobile Phones or Tablets, Cloud, local Networks, or the Internet. iPeak+ can store a large number of results, raw and processed images in its internal memory.

With all of this, iPeak+ ensures more traceability of the samples because it grants sample tagging that can be related to results themselves and integrate into any laboratory information system (LIMS), LIS, or HIS. Furthermore, iPeak IUL system stores the data in the device, export as a report or even integrates into the system whatever the size of the cassette is.

A Low-cost Test to Fight Covid-19
Lateral flow strip assays have become well established since their low cost and fast time to result have been an essential tool for mass screening to fight COVID-19. However, lateral flow tests are also widely used in animal health industries, food, cosmetics, or research with different kinds of applications.

Although results can be interpreted with the human eye, the use of a lateral flow reader can trace the results, connect and integrate all the data that is obtained with the lateral flow reader.

Needless to say, the use of a lateral flow reader is increasing, and the customer demands a higher sensitivity to enhance the colors of their lateral flow test.

For more information on the iPeak+ and other options within this range, visit iul-instruments.com/mediul or use the 'request information' button below.

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Date Published: 26th March 2021

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