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2nd August 2023  Content supplied by: ProGnosis Biotech S.A

Introducing Quantum Series, an Innovative Step in Food and Feed Testing

ProGnosis Biotech has taken another step towards innovation with its new product line, Quantum Series. After years of thorough research, a new Cassette format has been developed for food diagnostics by our R&D department, providing a more user-friendly approach and making it ideal for field use.

Quantum Series involves a Quantum Read Method that utilizes the quantification mechanics of lateral flow in order to obtain a binary answer in the shortest possible time. Quantum Read Method resembles the logic of the superposition of two states of quantum mechanics, achieving a quick yes or no result by early-on readings and calculating possibilities. The outcome of each measurement, whether it’s positive or negative, depends on the probability distribution of the states in different time readings of the chemical reaction.

First in line in the Quantum Series is Quantum BT-Cef, a lateral flow test in Cassette Form that determines the absence or presence of 16 β-lactams, 4 tetracyclines and cefalexin (a difficult to measure β-lactam that requires its own test line) in milk samples (cow, sheep and goat milk).

This innovative test requires no incubation and no sample preparation, as it works with just 3 drops from the milk sample, even cold milk right from the truck, refrigerator or bulk tank, making it ideal for any user, regardless of experience. Not only is it an extremely easy-to-use test, but it can also produce results in as soon as 90 seconds, using a reader and the S-Flow software, which uses the Quantum Read Method. Placing the cassette in the reader and scanning it initializes a timer. If the result is negative after 90 seconds, it immediately gives a negative result. If not, it continues until it completes five minutes to give the final result. Visual interpretation is also available in only 5 minutes, with no equipment needed.

Quantum Series is here to revolutionize the way we think of food and feed testing, giving a quick, easy and accurate solution.

Watch our informative video guide on YouTube

Learn more about the first product in the Quantum Series, Quantum BT-Cef, by visiting our website or using the Request Information below to send us an email.

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Date Published: 2nd August 2023

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