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30th October 2023  Content supplied by: ProGnosis Biotech S.A

The Growing Importance of Rapid Allergen Testing in Foods

With an increase in food allergies around the globe, consumers are becoming more cautious about their food choices, demanding clarity on ingredients and assurance of safety. As a result, food manufacturers and regulatory bodies are resorting to more stringent allergen testing measures to protect public health. Among the various methods available, lateral flow tests (rapid tests) stand out due to their efficiency, ease of use, and accuracy.

Food allergies can vary from minor discomforts to severe life-threatening reactions. Hence, it's imperative to label allergens clearly on food packaging. However, there's a risk of unintentional mixing or contamination, especially when multiple foods are processed in the same facility. Regular and rigorous testing becomes crucial under such circumstances.

Effective testing combined with thorough risk assessment are pillars of allergen management. With the rising cases of food allergies, the demand for reliable testing methods is surging. Proper testing ensures that food products are consistently free from unwanted allergens, and risk assessment helps identify potential contamination hotspots. ProGnosis Biotech's lateral flow products are particularly useful in this context. They offer quick and reliable allergen readings, empowering manufacturers to act immediately if issues arise.

While there are several allergen detection methods like ELISA and PCR, lateral flow tests are preferred by many food producers. Their portability and precise results make them an optimal choice for allergen monitoring at every stage of production.

ProGnosis Biotech's new series, "Allergen Free", delivers results in a mere 5 minutes. Using a compact device, the 3pr mini reader, companies can get instant quantitative results of a specific allergen. The "Allergen Free" series detects a wide array of common allergens like various nuts, egg and mustard using a single sample with the same extraction method. Separate tests for Soy, Gluten, and Milk are also available. Furthermore, in order to avoid false negative results in cases of high allergen concentration, all the tests utilize a Hook Line, ensuring their accuracy.

With the growing consumer demand for allergen transparency, lateral flow tests are set to play an even more significant role in the food industry's future. They are instrumental in ensuring food safety and reducing the risk of allergen cross-contamination. ProGnosis Biotech is at the forefront, aiding food manufacturers in adhering to regulations and ensuring consumer safety.

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Date Published: 30th October 2023

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