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25th April 2023  Content supplied by: INNOVAPREP

Improve Sensitivity for Any Assay With FluidPrep™

lnnovaPrep’s concentration products use patented technology for exceptionally fast, efficient sample concentration based on:

  1. Capturing microorganisms or particles from large volumes of liquid or air using robust filtration.
  2. Instant recovery using Wet Foam Elution™ (WFE). 

WFE uses a standard buffer, a weak surfactant as a foaming agent, and dissolved gas packaged in quick-release canisters to dispense a powerful yet gentle elution.

During elution, a small volume of buffer is quickly dispensed - expanding 6x into a viscous wet foam that lifts the trapped particles from the filter. Within seconds, the foam returns to a liquid, ready for downstream culture, molecular sequencing, or other advanced detection methods. The exceptional characteristics of the wet foam enable concentration factors up to 10,000x.

The Concentrating Pipette™ CP Select™ System is a small bench-top/field portable microorganism concentrator for sample volumes from 5 mL to 5 liters. You can reduce liquid matrices down to microliter volumes in minutes. This system provides concentration factors up to 10,000X for ultimate sensitivity using culture, molecular, or sequencing methods.

EasyElute™ Large Volume Concentration Kit is a single-use kit for sample volumes from 5 L to 100 Liters. The EasyElute kit uses a basic pump to concentrate with a large ultrafilter – then elutes to ~70 mL final concentrate in seconds using a canister of elution buffer.

The EasyElute LVC and CP Select can work together as first and second-stage concentrations. While you are at it, check out InnovaPrep’s AirPrep™ products for air sampling and concentration as well.

InnovaPrep – Sample prep made simple.

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Date Published: 25th April 2023

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