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8th June 2015  Content supplied by: Meridian Bioscience, Inc.

Immunoassay Detects Streptococcus pneumoniae in Urine and CSF

Meridian Bioscience, Inc. has received the CE Mark for its new test for Streptococcus pneumoniae (S. pneumo). TRU STREP PNEUMO is a rapid, qualitative immunoassay for the detection of S. pneumo antigen in urine and CSF and will be distributed in the EMEA regions by Meridian Bioscience Europe and in additional international markets by the Company’s global distribution network.

S. pneumo is the leading cause of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) with over 100,000,000 cases reported annually worldwide. It is responsible for 30%-50% of adult CAP cases requiring hospitalization in United States and Europe. S. pneumo is also associated with invasive pneumococcal diseases (IPD) like meningitis and bacteremia, which can have up to a 30% mortality rate.

Mike Shaughnessy, Executive Vice President and President of Meridian Global Diagnostics, said “Strep pneumo is a common cause of pneumonia that results in a variety of mild to severe disease outcomes. The new TRU STREP PNEUMO test is an important tool that enables laboratories to accurately detect the majority of CAP infections. TRU STREP PNEUMO, in combination with our already available TRU LEGIONELLA®, enhances our portfolio of products that focus on respiratory diseases.”

The TRU platform offers rapid, accurate results in a safe, closed system format. In comparison to culture, the TRU STREP PNEUMO test provides accurate, same day results that allow physicians to treat with the appropriate antibiotic in a timely manner, improving patient outcomes and decreasing healthcare costs.

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Date Published: 8th June 2015

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