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20th February 2023  Product update: Celltrio Inc.

Fully Automated Cell Culture System For Biotherapeutics

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Celltrio have established a partnership to provide biotherapeutics customers with a fully automated cell culture system.

The collaboration will combine Thermo Scientific's Momentum workflow scheduling software with Celltrio's RoboCell cell line automation platform to meet a significant unmet market demand for high-throughput automated cell line culturing and maintenance. Momentum software will now be used for job scheduling and data management in Celltrio's RoboCell systems distributed in Europe. Thermo Fisher will also assume sole responsibility for the RoboCell system's sales, installation, and support in Europe, with the option of expanding into other areas in the future.

RoboCell users may define, run, and monitor processes and workflows using an easy-to-use interface with the Momentum workflow scheduling software. The software's cognitive data-driven decision-making capabilities and bidirectional connection also provide for safe connectivity and traceability, guaranteeing laboratories improve their performance.

Visit Thermo Scientific Momentum Workflow Scheduling Software or Celltrio RoboCell cell line automation platform

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Date Published: 20th February 2023

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