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11th July 2022  Podcast: Paul Carton

Fighting Epidemics with Molecular Diagnostics, From H7N9 to Monkeypox - Podcast

Fighting Epidemics with Molecular Diagnostics, From H7N9 to Monkeypox - Podcast

Jul. 12, 2022

Bioperfectus, based in Shanghai, China, is a leading molecular diagnostic firm and were the first to release RT-PCR kits to fight recent infectious disease outbreaks, and in this podcast episode, we find out how.

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[1:37] - Responding to outbreaks quickly with molecular diagnostics
[3:49] - Pioneers in RT-PCR and immunochromatographic assays
[5:04] - Protecting lab technicians from pathogens and avoiding cross-contamination
[8:00] - Increased awareness in prevention of infectious diseases with rapid and molecular diagnostics
[9:30] - Bioperfectus' diagnostic portfolio and global partnerships 
[12:07] - Quelling pathogens before they spread

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Morning Li (International Marketing Manager of Bioperfectus)

Morning earned her biotechnology bachelor’s degree from East China Normal University. With over ten years of experience in the IVD industry, she is responsible for planning and executing marketing initiatives related to Bioperfectus international business development. She is also studying for her MBA degree at Fudan University.

Lily Liu (Product Manager of Bioperfectus) 


Lily is currently responsible for the lifecycle management of Bioperfectus extraction kits, extraction systems, PCR systems, and vector-borne disease diagnosis products. With more than seven years of experience in IVD product management, Lily is skilled in promoting products and ensuring the market's voice is heard and heeded.

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Date Published: 11th July 2022

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