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14th March 2024  Content supplied by: BioPerfectus

BioPerfectus HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening Solution Welcomed at EUROGIN 2024

BioPerfectus showcased the HPV & Cervical Cancer Screening Solution, featuring the Quantitative HPV Genotyping Detection, at the recent EUROGIN 2024, the world’s leading international congress on HPV infection and associated cancers.

The solution generated considerable interest from professionals, who welcomed this approach to eliminating cervical cancer and bringing higher cost efficiency. This solution seamlessly combines HPV genotyping with precise viral load determination, providing a reliable tool for detecting high-grade lesions in HPV-positive cases. It comprehensively caters to diverse customer needs for screening, genotyping, and quantification across various sample types.

To delve deeper into BioPerfectus Quantitative HPV Genotyping Detection, watch the full video:

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Date Published: 14th March 2024

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