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15th April 2024  Content supplied by: BioPerfectus

BioPerfectus Launches New Diagnostic Solution for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy)

BioPerfectus, specializing in infectious diseases and women's and children's health, actively addresses the challenges posed by rare diseases. We are excited to introduce our upcoming Prenatal and neonatal Care testing solution, which offers SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) testing for expectant mothers and newborn screening, empowering and prioritizing the health of mothers and newborns.

The BioPerfectus Survival motor neuron 1(SMN1) Gene Detection Real-Time PCR Kit is intended for the in-vitro qualitative detection of Survival motor neuron 1 (SMN1) exon 7 and(or) exon 8 deletions and the copy number of SMN1 at the 7th exon and (or) the 8th exon in human EDTA anticoagulated blood samples.

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Date Published: 15th April 2024

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