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15th December 2014  Content supplied by: R-Biopharm AG

Easier ATP/AMP Measurement with New Lumitester PD-30

The new Lumitester PD-30 (Art. No. ZLT1402653) from Kikkoman is now available! Using the new device ATP/AMP measurement becomes easier and more user friendlier than ever before!

The key improvements over the previous model PD-20 are the implementation of new software tools which allow the user to save sampling sites directly to the board of the Lumitester PD-30 and also allows temperature controlled measurements!

Key Benefits Include:

  • No more paper notepads carried to the production site! Sampling sites can be activated in the display according to the number of mode they have been aligned to.
  • There is no need to perform the measurement at room temperature: if required it can be done whilst in a cold room
  • More languages and different user set ups are now possible

The new Lumitester PD-30 works with the same LuciPac®Pen test tubes as are currently available for the  PD-20. For function control and internal release procedures the same “Lumitester control kit” (Art. No. ZLC1002657) can be used with both Lumitester models PD-20 and the new improved PD-30, as well!

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Date Published: 15th December 2014

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