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7th May 2015  Content supplied by: Hardy Diagnostics

Differentiate the Big 3 Vibrio Pathogens on One Plate!

HardyCHROM™ Vibrio is the only medium that will differentiate V. vulnificus from V. parahaemolyticus and V. cholerae all on one plate, recommended for use as a selective and differential growth medium for the cultivation, isolation, and differentiation of Vibrio spp. from food and environmental samples.

The shellfish pathogen V. parahaemolyticus is differentiated from other Vibrios such as V. alginolyticus by its teal coloration. V. cholerae and V. vulnificus are differentiated from other Vibrios by their magenta coloration, and from each other by the fluorescence of V. vulnificus under UV light. HardyCHROM™ Vibrio Agar has a high pH and salinity, which suppresses the growth of non-Vibrio species found in similar marine samples. Non-pathogenic organisms can be easily ruled out based on colony color.

Key Features and Benefits are:

  • Superior performance to TCBS: Greater sensitivity and specificity.
  • Fluorogenic reaction, adds another dimension for throrough differentiation.
  • Available in dehydrated media format, CRITERION™. HardyCHROM™ Vibrio CRITERION™ requires no autoclave sterilization. Simply boil to prepare the plated media.
  • Save on cost per test by using HardyCHROM™ Vibrio as a screen before moving to expensive PCR

Summary of colony appearance on HardyCHROM™ Vibrio

V. parahaemolyticus - teal color colonies V. cholera - no fluoresence under UV V. vulnificus - fluoresces under UV
Vibrio parahaemolyticus teal colourVibrio choleraeVibrio vulnificus Fluoresces


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This product is not intended to be used for the diagnosis of human disease. Manufactured in a FDA licensed and ISO 13485 certified facility.

*Patent pending

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Date Published: 7th May 2015

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