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15th December 2020  Content supplied by: Bio-Rad Laboratories

Learn From the Experts: Bio-Rad Webinars on Food Safety, Cannabis and Water Testing

Method Validation and Verification with Respect to ISO16140
In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insight into:

  • The major differences between method validation and method verification.
  • The performance characteristics for method validation and requirements for method verification.
  • Introduction to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for qualitative methods from a technical perspective.

A New Approach to Bacillus cereus Testing
Learn from subject matter experts why Bacillus cereus testing needs to be adapted to food industry challenges and what solutions can be considered to provide a robust and efficient test method.

In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insight into:

  • B. cereus Group and industrial issues associated with these organisms
  • B. cereus phylogenetic clusters
  • Detection tools and methods
  • RAPID’B.cereus: a new chromogenic media
  • Results of a comparative study performed by a food industrial central lab

The webinar is also available in french: Une nouvelle approche analytique pour Bacillus cereus

Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli (STEC): A Multipronged Approach to Beef Testing
This webinar will overview:

  • Real-time PCR solutions for STEC testing
  • Workflow automation
  • Harmonized enrichment scheme
  • USDA FSIS evaluation
  • The New Droplet Digital PCR
  • Flexible screening and confirmation methods

Pathogen Testing in Seafood Industry - A Powerful Alternative to the Traditional Cultural Method
In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insight into:

  • Challenges of traditional cultural methods for pathogen detection
  • The two main products under Bio-Rad's Food Science Division: iQ-Check Real-Time PCR Solution and Rapid'Chromogenic Media
  • iQ-Check Vibrio Solution for seafood industry testing and Free DNA Removal Solution (FDRS) for dead cell management

Is Your Cannabis Testing Method Truly Validated?
The lack of standardized industry testing conventions has posed several challenges for cannabis labs, an important one being how to choose the right method for your lab? We get down to brass tacks of what to look for in a microbial test method that is 'truly validated'.
In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insight into:

  • Globally recognized standards
  • Validation guidelines for PCR method manufacturers
  • How to design a PCR validation study for cannabis — no shortcuts!
  • Setting the standard for the highest level of consumer safety

Microbial Safety and Testing of Cannabis - Learn why microbial testing matters and what methods are used by leading cannabis labs.
This webinar will discuss:

  • Cannabis: Current scenario and challenges
  • Cannabis microbiology 101
  • How microbial testing is performed
  • Importance of validated methods
  • Learnings from a cannabis testing lab
  • iQ Check real-time PCR: What, how and why?
  • Method validation: Definition and significance

A Rapid Method for Microbial Testing of Cannabis Products – (Asian market)
In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insight into:

  • The history of cannabis and legality of cannabis in Asia.
  • Cannabis micriobiology and challenges encountered by cannabis laboratories.
  • Introduction to iQ-Check real-time PCR solution.

Legionella Risk Management Webinar - Legionella detection using iQ‑Check qPCR
Join Legionella expert, EMLab P&K’s Dr. Michael Berg, for an educational webinar on the epidemiology of Legionella and the significance of integrating real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technology as a part of your water risk management program.

In this webinar, participants will gain valuable insight into:

  • Legionella and its impact
  • CDC review
  • Detection: culture versus molecular methods
  • Importance of validated methods
  • Regulations and guidelines
  • Suggested alert and action limits
  • iQ-Check RT-PCR: What, how, and why?
  • Bacterial viability differentiation 

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Date Published: 15th December 2020

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