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28th February 2023  Content supplied by: Condalab

Condagene® Listeria monocytogenes: the Best qPCR Solution for L. mono

In the food and beverage industries, the microbiological control of products is extremely important. Microbial contamination can present a risk to the health of the consumer and to the reputation of the manufacturer. 

L. monocytogenes is the causing agent of listeriosis, a type of food poisoning with a mortality rate of about 30%.

The faster we detect its presence, the faster we can decide the corrective measures to take in order to solve the contamination problem. 

With Condagene® Listeria, you’ll get your results in less than two days of work. Thanks to its high specificity and stream-lined protocol, the qPCR detection of L. monocytogenes has never been this easy.

Condagene is your best solution for fast batch release:
  • Reliable results. Due to the presence of internal and additional controls to guarantee the suitability and accuracy of the results.
  • Versatility. Thanks to its simple protocols and highly stable reagents at room temperature, you can use it anytime, anywhere.
  • Specificity. The detection of the target DNA using specific probes makes this method an extremely robust way of detecting L. mono.

Find out more about how can Condagene®Listeria monocytogenes and the rest of the Condagene® range of products improve your laboratory workflow.

And to get an in-depth view of the rapid detection of L. monocytogenes using a qPCR method, join us in our CondalabTalk, where we’ll expand on this method and how to integrate it into the routine detection of Listeria in food and beverages. 

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Date Published: 28th February 2023

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