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Condagene® Legionella, An Alternative Rapid Solution for Detection

Legionella spp. is unquestionably one of the main parameters in environmental and water monitoring. Its surveillance has become one of the most relevant parameters to control, especially in artificial water structures such as cooling towers or air conditioning systems.

This prevention must be carried out to avoid outbreaks of Legionellosis, the disease caused by these microorganisms, and especially Legionella pneumophila, which is the cause of the vast majority of cases of acute pneumonia.

The methodology most commonly indicated by regulations for its analysis is the ISO 11731:2017 method; however, it is laborious and complex due to the different means and incubation conditions that become the main complication.

In response to this bottleneck, the possibility of implementing alternative rapid techniques for its analysis in exceptional cases has opened up. Even the Directive (EU) 2020/2184 on Drinking Water, indicates PCR as a complementary tool.

As a solution, Condalab presents Condagene® Legionella, a kit developed to answer your needs:

  • Speed. Shorten times in obtaining results
  • Specificity and sensitivity. Detection of target DNA with specific probes and even in minimum amounts of genetic material
  • Reliability. Internal and additional controls to guarantee the suitability and accuracy of the results.
  • Versatility. Simple protocols and highly stable reagents at room temperature.
  • Automatable. Allows the automation in laboratories with specialized equipment

If you’d like more information about Condagene®, you can download our brochure and watch our CondalabTalk to learn about combining traditional culture and Condagene® Legionella to improve your analysis workflow.

Please contact us or click on the Request Information button below if you need any information; our expert team will be glad to support you.

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Date Published: 4th April 2023

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