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12th November 2019  Author: Paul Carton

Chromacode Launch HDPCR™ Multi-Drug Resistance Panel 

ChromaCode, the next-generation molecular diagnostics company has launched a highly multiplexed real-time PCR assay, the HDPCR™ Multi-Drug Resistance Panel.

ChromaCode’s HDPCR multiplexing technology combines proprietary data science algorithms with widely-used, low-cost chemistries to enhance the multiplexing levels of common real-time and digital PCR instruments for detection of 5-50 targets in a single reaction. Through this application of data science, HDPCR empowers the enormous, global installed base of real-time and digital PCR instruments to perform multiplex testing at a very low cost.

The MDR assay is the second test in ChromaCode’s rapidly growing portfolio of infectious disease real-time PCR assays. The spread of antibiotic resistance is a global threat that can be combatted, in part, by improved screening for individuals colonized with multi-drug resistance markers entering healthcare facilities. ChromaCode’s HDPCR MDR assay provides the broadest coverage, highest throughput, and most cost-effective qPCR test currently available for the detection of multi-drug resistance markers.

The assay is platform-agnostic. It can be performed on the most common qPCR instrumentation in laboratories around the world with no instrument modifications or additional hardware, avoiding expensive capital and service costs usually associated with multiplex testing.

ChromaCode recently showcased the technology at the recent Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) 2019 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. 



Date Published: 12th November 2019

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