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18th November 2021  Content supplied by: SY-LAB Geraete GmbH

AMP-6000® Automated Microbiological Enumeration Platform

More than 80% of routine examinations in microbiological laboratories involve enumeration of hygiene indicators. These include, e.g., determination of the aerobic mesophilic germ count and the quantification of Enterobacteriaceae as well as E. coli.

The conventional or standard methods used to date are laborious to perform, time-intensive in terms of analysis and documentation, and require sufficient expertise in result interpretation.

The innovative AMP-6000® system permits these tasks to be automated and thus enables sample throughput in the laboratory to be significantly increased. This automated, miniaturized platform combines the well-known MPN technique for determining the number of microbes (MPN = Most Probable Number) on microplates.

The precision of this statistical method is comparable with that of direct counting, thanks to the automated preparation of a series of serial dilutions and the simultaneous examination from 16 to 96 replicates per dilution.

Ready to use reagents for parameters as TAMC (Total Aerobic Mesophilic Counts), Enterobacteriaceae, E.coli, Enterococci, Bacillus cereus, and butyric clostridia are already available.

AMP-6000®  Fact sheet:

  • Automated sample dilution and pipetting 
  • Scaleable to customer needs
  • 1-6 dilutions per plate and 16 to 96 replicates per dilution possible
  • Detection of any color and/or fluorescence change in liquid growth media
  • Bi-directional color change detectable
  • Fuzzy logic for color detection
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • GLP compliant result recording, calculation, and documentation

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Date Published: 18th November 2021

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