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10th September 2013  Content supplied by: ViveBIO LLC

A Novel, 2nd Generation Device for Ambient Storage and Transportation

The ViveST™ specimen storage and transportation device was featured in a recent presentation at the 5th Annual Next Generation Dx Summit. The presentation was entitled, 'A Novel, 2nd Generation Device for Ambient Storage and Transportation for Downstream Infectious Disease Testing'.Infectious disease monitoring often requires collection sites to ship patient samples to reference laboratories, requiring careful temperature control and special packaging. In this presentation, data evaluating the stability and quantitative reproducibility of infectious plasma specimens stored on ViveST™ and analyzed with quantitative RT-PCR and genotyping sequencing technologies will be presented. The data shows how ViveST™ can offer an accurate and reproducible global solution that enhances access to healthcare and significantly reduces the burden associated with shipping frozen samples for quantitative and sequencing-based molecular diagnostic tests.

The key feature of the ViveST™ is a proprietary absorbent matrix onto which a biological specimen can be loaded by simple pipetting and allowed to dry. During the drying process, water in the biological sample is evaporated but biological analytes including proteins, virions and nucleic acids remain in the matrix. The dried sample can be easily reconstituted into a robust specimen that can be used in multiple downstream applications including RNA/DNA targets, cell recovery, and protein analysis, allowing for use with such tests as viral load quantification, viral genotyping and sequencing.




Date Published: 10th September 2013

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