Charles River Endosafe Trillium rCR cartridges

Microbiology News: pharmaceutical, Jun 2024

Cherwell BioAerosol Monitoring System
Discover how real-time air monitoring using a Biofluorescent Particle Counter (BFPC) can help facilities identify contamination issues earlier and achieve regulatory compliance. In this interview, Christine Troutman, a Senior Applications Scientist at MicronView, shares her technical knowledge. more...

Affordable Storage Tube Sealing Device

25 Jun 2024 | ClinicalLaboratory EquipmentPharmaceuticalAssay Development

Semi-Automated Septum Cap Capper
The Semi-Automated Septum Cap Capper from Azenta Life Sciences is a storage tube sealing device designed to preserve sample integrity and audit trails in biobanks, compound libraries and other high-throughput storage applications. more...

More Accurate Coliform Detection With R-CARD® ECC-A - Eliminates Aeromonas False Positives

25 Jun 2024 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceuticalVeterinary

R Card ECC-A
Eliminate Aeromonas false positive coliform colonies by using the Roth Biosciences' R-CARD® ECC-A media; any Aeromonas colonies present are visible as faint yellow colonies that can easily be seen and counted. more...
MVB white paper exploring the impact of hole versus slid lid design in active air sampling
MBV has always supplied its MAS-100® air samplers with perforated lids using holes. However, in search of the optimum solution, the experiment described in this whitepaper attempts to answer the question of how an alternative approach using slits would perform.  more...
Highlight MICA Total Viable Count Water
Based on using a high-end automated microcolony counter, the MICA Highlight Total Viable Count enables the detection and enumeration of bioburden in water faster than standard APHA 9215 and ISO 6222 methods. more...
Real-time Microbial Air Monitoring With Active Air Sampler
Rapid-C+ is a unique real-time viable particle counter, that sets the industry standard in environmental monitoring. It counts viable and total particles in real-time and continuously samples them on standard agar media for microbial identification. more...
Arium Mini
Sartorius has introduced the Arium® Mini Extend, a compact ultrapure lab water purification system designed to meet Type 1 water demands. It features a flexible handheld dispenser, a user-friendly digital display, and Arium® Bagtank technology. Request a demo here. more...

Custom Lyo Beads from Biofortuna - Precision at Scale

18 Jun 2024 | Laboratory EquipmentPharmaceuticalAssay Development

Custom Lyo Beads from Biofortuna
Lyo beads are expanding possibilities in point of care assay development. As well as obviating the need for cold chain they improve assay accuracy and lower the cost per test. See how the Biofortuna contract manufacturing service delivers unrivalled scale, precision and accuracy with this case study. more...
Sterisart Universal Sterility Testing Pump
In this interview with Eric Arakel, Global Product Manager, Sartorius, we discover the new features and benefits of this fourth-generation system and how it can help to improve your sterility testing workflows - reduce false positives and improve compliance. White paper available for download. more...
Merck Millipore reliable complete sterility testing solutions
Learn how over 50 years, Millipore has revolutionized sterility testing in the pharmaceutical industry with innovations such as closed canister systems, low-binding PVDF membranes, rapid bioluminescence-based detection, and solutions to increase data integrity. more...

Neogen introducing Veratox VIP for Walnut

RapidChek Total Protein - Detect as low as 3 microgram protein residue in 30 seconds

PDA Alternative Microbiological Methods Workshop 2024

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Pharma Microbiology Congress 2024

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