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18th June 2024  Content supplied by: Biofortuna

Custom Lyo Beads from Biofortuna - Precision at Scale

Lyophilised beads are customisable spheres containing an accurately measured single dose of formulation.

Offering all of the stabilisation, transportation, and storage benefits of traditional lyophilised formats, beads present a range of additional benefits designed to deliver greater accuracy, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The key benefits of Lyo beads

  • Improved assay accuracy – the dose consistency of beads minimises the potential for variance.
  • Faster reconstitution – lyophilised beads offer the best ratio of volume to surface area.
  • Reduced risk of contamination – with no central stock to corrupt, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced.
  • Extended shelf life – because beads are reconstituted individually, each bead is only exposed to ambient air for a very short time, reducing the risk of water absorption. As there is no central stock, the remaining beads remain sealed, preserving shelf life and reducing wastage.
  • Increased throughput and lower cost – particularly with Point of Care platforms where the use of beads allows reagents to be lyophilised at scale before insertion into the device.


The Biofortuna difference

Consistent, precise lyo bead manufacture at scale requires time-served expertise and the most up-to-date and flexible manufacturing facilities.

The video case study below shows the process we follow to deliver 99.5% accuracy and precision on typical bead manufacturing runs of 200,000.

We have produced an application note to accompany this case study, providing more details around the methodology and the outcomes across two x 200,000 bead manufacturing runs.

Download our application note.

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Date Published: 18th June 2024

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