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24th June 2024  Content supplied by: Plair SA

Combined Real-time Air Microbial Particle Counter and Active Air Sampler

Plair SA has set new industry standards in environmental monitoring through its launch of Rapid-C+, a real-time air microbial detector. The instrument’s patented biofluorescent particle counting technology excels in detecting viable contaminants in real-time while continuously sampling them on standard agar media for identification.

Equipped with state-of-the-art laser-based light scattering and fluorescence spectroscopy, Rapid-C+ stands out by offering unmatched performances. Its cutting-edge technology allows it to detect and count viable microorganisms with exceptional sensitivity while differentiating them from inert interference materials, such as plastics or disinfectants that are often present in clean environments.

Rapid-C+ revolutionizes environmental monitoring by combining innovative real-time viable and total particle counting with traditional active air sampling methods in a single device. Its unique design allows the safe monitoring of contamination from outside the critical areas, significantly reducing the risk associated with manual interventions. Rapid-C+ strengthens all contamination control strategies, especially those of the pharmaceutical industry that are required to adapt to the recent guidance on the good manufacturing practices of sterile medicinal products (the EU GMP Annex 1 update).

Rapid-C+ has been designed for and together with customers from industries in which sterility and cleanliness are paramount,” says Denis Kiselev, CEO of Plair. “By enabling immediate responses to out-of-trend situations, Rapid-C+ enhances process understanding and streamlines root-cause investigations. Its advanced capabilities make environmental monitoring faster, more efficient, and more reliable than ever before. This means safer drug manufacturing but also timely release of life-critical treatments, like advanced therapy medicinal products.”

The Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation has supported Rapid-C+’s development with a CHF 2.7 million grant to commercialize Plair’s technology for the aseptic processing market. Plair has built a unique bioaerosol testing facility for the validation of alternative and rapid microbiological methods and for the testing of traditional active and passive air sampling systems in parallel.


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Date Published: 24th June 2024

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