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Microbiology News: other, Sep 2023

Hot Start Isothermal Mixes Sensitive and Specific Target Detection
IsoFast™ Hot Start Bst Polymerase and associated ready mixes use proprietary AptaLock™ hot start technology to minimise non-specific amplification, leading to highly specific and sensitive results in as little as 30 minutes. more...

Puritan® 3 Inch Swabs - Same Quality, Shorter Size!

26 Sep 2023 | OtherPharmaceutical

A small boy measuring his height on a wall chart
Puritan can now offer their best-selling 6” handle foam, flock, and spun fiber swabs in 3" handle versions. Ideal for at-home sampling, test kits and more. Connect with Puritan swab experts to discover the right swab for your application. more...

Sterisart® Septum for Reliable Sampling from a Sterility Testing Unit

18 Sep 2023 | Laboratory EquipmentOtherPharmaceuticalMicrobiome

Sartorius Lab
This study assessed the Sterisart® sterility testing device with a septum, for recurrent sterile sample extraction, allowing the coupling with rapid detection methods. Results show that the septum remains intact and the growth media remains sterile even after over 100 repeated sampling events. more...