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Microbiology News: clinical, Dec 2023

Exploit the Power of PCR Biosystems IsoFast™ Hot Start Bst Colour Mix for Field-based Testing

11 Dec 2023 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalVeterinaryMicrobiomeAssay Development

IsoFast Hot Start Colour Mix offers a rapid colourimetric readout for positive negative screening
PCR Biosystems' IsoFast™ Hot Start Bst Colour Mix excels in DNA amplification. Featuring AptaLock™ hot start for high sensitivity, and providing a rapid color readout for positive/negative screening, it's ideal for lab and field-based microbiology testing, ensuring precise and quick results.   more...
Different coloured PCR plates make for easy assay and user identification
In busy labs, assigning different coloured PCR plates can be a real gain. Request your free sample FrameStar® 96-well Skirted PCR plate with options including barcoding, ethylene oxide sterilization treatment, extra rigid skirt for use with robotic system and an ultra-low DNA binding option. more...

Fast Bacterial Enumeration With Plate & Count System - From Sample to Result

08 Dec 2023 | Food & BeverageClinicalLaboratory EquipmentCosmetic/Personal Care

Plate and Count
Plate & Count System boosts your lab work! Plate automatically with easySpiral automatic platers and get automated colony counting with full traceability using Scan colony counters and ScanStation real-time incubator and colony counter. more...

Microbial Identification - a rapidmicrobiology Special Focus

05 Dec 2023 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalAssay Development

Vitek MS Prime
Whether it's just a general classification or a detailed WGS, explore options for the identification of microorganisms in routine clinical, food, or pharmaceutical labs - find the right solution for your lab on this rapidmicrobiology special focus page. more...

Discover How Microbiologics' Global Genomics Center Can Meet Your Sequencing Needs

04 Dec 2023 | Food & BeverageClinicalPharmaceuticalAssay Development

Global Genomics Center
Microbiologics' state-of-the-art Global Genomics Center provides various sequencing services for bacterial and fungal identification. Proven expertise combined with the latest technologies deliver comprehensive solutions from samples to nucleotides for both Sanger and NGS methodologies. more...

CondaChrome®: Chromogenic Media for Faster Results With Higher Accuracy

04 Dec 2023 | Food & BeverageClinicalCosmetic/Personal Care

Condachrome brochure download
The Condalab range of chromogenic culture media will allow laboratories to shorten their time to results and significantly facilitate the identification of different microorganisms. Want to learn more about it? Keep reading. more...

Fijifilm Pyrostar testing critical water used in the reprocessing of medical devices

SGL Plates and Culture Media for Pharmaceutical Microbiology

AI for microbiology

QC Standards Controls and Proficiency Testing Schemes

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