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4th December 2023  Content supplied by: Condalab

CondaChrome®: Chromogenic Media for Faster Results With Higher Accuracy

The Condalab CondaChrome® range offers chromogenic culture media with several advantages over conventional methods for microbiology laboratories due to their approach and technology.

With its unique and optimized formulation, different colourless reagents release a chromophore into the media as a result of specific bacterial enzymatic action, giving the growing colony a distinct and strong colour, thanks to its unique and optimised formulation. In this way, the selectivity and sensitivity of the medium are increased, providing easy identification of suspect colonies even for inexperienced eyes.

CondaChrome® also offers the possibility of identifying different species of the same bacterial group in the same culture medium, revealing the presence of additional genera in the sample.

All sectors of activity in microbiology, from clinical diagnosis to food safety, can find a chromogenic medium for their microorganism of interest.

At Condalab, we have a solution within your reach:

  • ISO-compliant: for both formulation and methodological validation methods
  • Quick results: results available after only 24 hours
  • Easy interpretation: straightforward bacterial identification by its characteristic colony color
  • Time/space-saving: detect several bacterial species on the same culture media plate
  • Minimum investment: no additional equipment or special training required
  • Diverse application areas: CondaChrome® is available for food, water, and cosmetic analysis, as well as for clinical diagnosis

If you’d like to discover a new way to optimize your analysis, download our CondaChrome® brochure or use the Request Information button below to contact us. We’ll be happy to support you.

Take a step towards the new generation of chromogenic media and improve the precision and speed for your results!

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Date Published: 4th December 2023

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