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[Live Webinar] Want to know more about in vitro pyrogen testing?

PyroMAT® System: the easy solution for in vitro pyrogen detection  The PyroMAT® system is the only cell-line based Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) provided as a ready-to-use kit on the market: a new solution for sensitive, robust, and easy-to-perform pyrogen testing. Make the move to the monocyte activation test—

What Can an Inaccurate ID Cost You?

More than you think.  With inventory recalls, extensive investigations, and possible compromise of consumer safety, is it worth the risk? Encompassing over 7,000 relevant bacterial and 3,000 fungal species, our Accugenix® libraries are continually updated based on frequently occurring organisms in facilities around the world. Don't jeopardize your brand. Identify

Neogen Culture Media

Neogen specialises in the development and manufacture of microbiological culture media. Designed to support compliance with global reference methods including ISO and BAM, Neogen Culture Media has an international reputation for high quality products you can trust. Neogen Culture Media offers over 200 culture media products, available in dehydrated, convenience and ready-to-use formats

New 25ml Divided Reservoir Offers Lowest Dead Volume on the Market

INTEGRA has expanded its Clear Advantage™ product family to include a divided reservoir, offering 5 and 10 ml volumes side-by-side, while still nesting comfortably in the company’s standard 25 ml reusable, sturdy base. A combination of design and innovation offers a pipetting experience with less reagent and plastic waste, and the lowest

Take Control of Your Microbiological Quality Control with BIOBALL®

BIOBALL® standard strain products from bioMérieux are now Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), and include a certificate providing each unit’s value and associated uncertainty, as well as a statement of metrological traceability. UNPRECEDENTED ACCURACY AND PRECISION, BATCH AFTER BATCH. To ensure repeatable results every time, BIOBALL® products

Global Leaders Using biomérieux Solutions See 0% Recalls Over Last 3 Years

Rapid, Robust & Automated Solutions for Salmonella Detection in <24h! GENE-UP®: Complete Validations for Salmonella Detection in Cocoa and Chocolate Products: - Validated to AOAC RI and ISO16140 standards, for BPW or skimmed milk broth enrichment, using various sample sizes (up to 375g) Large Sample Preparation Becomes Simple with

What's on Show at IAFP 2018

Browse new and existing products for food microbiology on show at IAFP 2018. Includes: Fully automated TVC pour plates New B. cereus chromogenic agar, Next day Listeria from swabs, Track and identify Listeria strains from enrichment broth Plus allergen test kits, simpler sample prep with less plastic

Achieve More Consistency and Reliability in Your BET Results

Traditional endotoxin testing has long had pain points including analyst subjectivity, extensive training requirements, and the potential for data integrity violations. An invalid test can result in lengthy investigations, costly retests, and the risk of an FDA finding or audit, possibly crippling your manufacturing timelines.While LAL is the most sensitive and

Read Hygiene Insider Today!

The newest issue of Neogen’s Insider Magazine is out! This time focusing on hygiene, a crucial element for any organisation in the food industry.Take a look at the science behind ATP hygiene monitoring systems and find out why Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced is the only ATP system validated by AOAC.

Color-coded MC-Media Pads for Convenient Microbial Testing

Why stick to traditional media plates if there is an alternative which can improve your workflow, while providing accurate and reliable results? Our new MC Media pads for microbial testing are small to save you space in storage and in the incubator.Simply inoculate by adding your sample – no spreading required – then