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i2a has combined expertise in microbiology, robotics, and IT resulting in the development of the RECITALS range of automated equipment for plate preparation and reading for clinical microbiology labs.

Company Information

RECITALS range of analysers for complete automation of bacteriology lab. Range includes:

  • PreLUD, pre-analytical analyzer including automatic culture plates streaking, as well as automatic preparation of antibiograms (plates streaking and disks dispensing).
  • MAESTRO, incubator-reader of culture plates. MAESTRO includes incubation of culture plates under different conditions, the automatic reading of plates, the results interpretation and sorting.
  • SIRSCAN Automatic, SIRSCAN Automatic perfoms the incubation and reading of AST on round or square plates

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401 Avenue du Walhalla - CS83406

34060 Montpellier Cedex 2


Website: visit

Tel: +33 467 50 48 00

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