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SAS Pinocchio for Microbial Monitoring Compressed Gas

compressed air sampling

Manufacturer: Cherwell Laboratories Ltd

Principle: Multi-point impaction (single stage sieve) onto agar plate

Suitability: For microbial monitoring of compressed gas in pharmaceutical or food production.

Capital equipment required: Yes


The SAS Pinocchio is a non-powered air sampling unit, which provides a controlled method for bioburden monitoring of compressed air and other gases. Regulating air flow from the compressed supply before passing through a traditional head, it forms part of a compatible environmental monitoring programme when used alongside other air samplers within the SAS monitoring range.

Key Points:
  • Air flow from the compressed supply is regulated through a flow meter
  • Air sample impacts onto contact plates (55mm or 84mm diameter) or standard petri dishes (90mm diameter)



    Food & BeveragePharmaceutical
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