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Limulus Color KY

Limulus Color KY

Principle: Quantitative kinetic chromogenic assay to detect endotoxin with high sensitivity

Automation: No

Suitability: Very turbid samples or those that are difficult to quantify by KTA

Capital equipment required: No


The Limulus Color KY Series are quantitative kinetic chromogenic assays (KCA) that are endotoxin-specific and unreactive to (1,3)-ß-D-glucan. This series includes both a multi-test kit and a single-test kit, which utilize a synthetic substrate that produces a yellow color to detect endotoxin with high sensitivity. All reagent kits are matched with a Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE). These reagents work well with samples that are very turbid or show difficulty in quantification by the kinetic turbidimetric assay (KTA).

Limulus Color KY single-test vials come with pre-dispensed LAL reagent for a single measurement. This single test vial is ideal for a user testing a smaller number of samples or one who is less experienced.

The multi-test vial is designed to be used with the Toxinometer® or a microplate reader and is ideal for a user with a larger number of samples that are turbid.

Key Points:

Single test

  • Reduces the chance of contamination and no wasted reagent during testing
  • KCA quantitative range detection limit of 0.0002 to 5 EU/mL 
  • Reagent reacts with endotoxin over a wide range of concentrations
  • High sensitivity to reduce the chance of interfering factors
  • Can be used with the Toxinometer®


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