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ImmuView® P&L


Principle: Rapid test for the identification of S. pneumoniae and Legionnaires disease

Automation: NO

Approvals: FDA

Suitability: Identification of S. pneumoniae and Legionnaires disease

Capital equipment required: NO


ImmuView® S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila is the only Antigen test able to identify both S. pneumoniae and Legionnaires’ disease at the same time – with just one test! Quick, accurate and easy diagnosis is vital because S. pneumoniae is the leading cause of community acquired pneumonia. L. pneumophila causes costly hospital and ICU admissions. Not only that, the two diseases are difficult to tell apart, a significant challenge, as treatments for each disease are different.

Key Points:
  • 22 test strips per kit
  • 1 positive and 1 negative control

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