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foodproof® Enterobacteriaceae plus Cronobacter Detection Kit

PCR Enterobacteriaceae plus Cronobacter Detection Kit
foodproof® Enterobacteriaceae plus Cronobacter Detection Kit

Principle: Real-time PCR

Automation: Yes

Approvals: The kit in combination with the foodproof® StarPrep One Kit and Reagent D has been validated according to ISO 16140 by MicroVal.

Suitability: Suitable for medium to high volume food pathogen testing.

Capital equipment required: Yes


The foodproof® Enterobacteriaceae plus Cronobacter Detection Kit allows for the simultaneous detection of the genus Cronobacter (E. sakazakii) and the Enterobacteriaceae family via real-time PCR. Since 2005, laws requiring the investigation of powdered infant formula for the pathogenic genus Cronobacter also recommend screening for the Enterobacteriaceae family as a hygiene indicator.

The foodproof® Enterobacteriaceae plus Cronobacter Detection Kit combines these two parameters, making it the only kit on the market that complies with the statutory requirements in a single test.

Key Points:
  • 100% inclusivity with a total of 160 Cronobacter spp. strains and 61 Enterobacteriaceae strains tested
  • 100% exclusivity with 122 strains tested: 61 non-Cronobacter Enterobacteriaceae; 61 non-Enterobacteriaceae including closely related organisms and microorganisms of the same habitat
  • Fast: Only 24 h to result with < 40 min of hands-on time (except probiotics)
  • Safe: Prevention of false-negative results by internal control and prevention of carry-over contamination using Uracil-N-Glycosylase
  • Sensitive: Validated to detect 1-10 cfu/10 g or 100 g sample, including enrichment


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