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16S/18S/ITS Amplicon Metagenomic Service

16S 18S ITS Amplicon Metagenomic Sequencing Service
16S 18S ITS Amplicon Metagenomic Sequencing Service

Principle: Next Generation Sequencing Service

Automation: No

Suitability: Microbial Identification of Complex Community Microbial Samples

Capital equipment required: No


16S/18S/ITS amplicon metagenomic sequencing is designated to sequence the target genes of 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA), or 18S rRNA and Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) by universal primers. The services are applied to study the phylogeny, taxonomy and diversity from complex microbiomes.

Key Points:
  • Comprehensive coverage across multiple regions for bacteria, archaea and fungi using universal designed primers
  • Inclusive analysis of phylogeny, taxonomy and diversity at no additional cost
  • Advanced analysis of environment analysis, function prediction are available according to your research needs
  • Outstanding service with efficient standard workflow, top-notch quality and cost-effective pricing


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