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2nd October 2023  Content supplied by: Novogene Co., Ltd.

Leveraging NGS Microbial Solutions To Accelerate Your Research

The study of interdependencies and dynamics of the microorganisms within a microbiome community and its environment is an emerging area of research.

Novogene is a pioneer in applying cutting-edge molecular biology technology and high-performance computing to research in life science and human health. We offer various sequencing approaches and bioinformatic analysis solutions to advance your microbiome research. Whether you work with metagenomes or individual species, our experts are here to help.

Metagenome sequencing aims to identify and characterize the microbiomes without needing isolation and culturing, revolutionizing the ability to understand and apply knowledge about microbial interactions with one another and their environment.

We offer, shotgun metagenomic sequencing, 16S/ITS/18S amplicon metagenomic sequencing services in uncovering the microbiota taxonomy, diversity, phylogeny, and more advanced analysis tailored to your research needs. The metatranscriptome sequencing service sequence RNA transcripts from all organisms collected in an environment to quantify their expression levels and changes in different treatments, helping to comprehend complex host-microbiome interactions.


Delve into the intricacies of individual microorganism research through Novogene's microbial whole genome sequencing and microbial RNA sequencing. Our microbial re-sequencing utilizes next-generation sequencing technology to provide valuable insights into the genetic profiling of an isolated microbe with reference. Through both long reads (PacBio and Oxford Nanopore) and short reads (Illumina) platforms, our multifaceted microbial De novo sequencing services are available. Services encompass genome surveys, draft maps, complete maps, and fine maps of rarely studied species tailored to different research needs. Our RNA sequencing of single prokaryotic organisms can help identify gene expression patterns, novel gene prediction, and structural variance.

With our intelligent delivery system - Falcon II, our services are more advanced with efficiency, reliability, and quality for NGS projects. Novogene also has a comprehensive bioinformatic cloud-based platform, NovoMagic, for researchers and scientists to gain valuable insights from their sequencing datasets.

Novogene has successfully completed numerous microbial projects that cover a wide range of fields, including pathogenic bacteria, probiotics, edible bacteria, medicinal strains, and industrial strains. Building on years of sequencing expertise and technological advancement, Novogene continues to provide our clients with premium quality and cost-effective pricing services.

Contact us to understand which application is right for your microbiome studies. For more product information, visit our product webpage or use the Request Information button below to connect directly.

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Date Published: 2nd October 2023

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