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13th February 2024  Content supplied by: Novogene Co., Ltd.

A New Milestone in Quality Control for Novogene's 16S Amplicon Metagenomic Sequencing

Amplicon sequencing is a vital technique used for studying microbial communities in diverse environmental samples, ranging from soil and water to gastrointestinal contents.

This method, which involves PCR amplification on target regions (16S, 18S, ITS) and subsequent analysis of sequenced PCR products, plays a crucial role in exploring microbial diversity and community composition differences. Its applications extend to environmental monitoring, health, ecology, species evolution, and various other fields. In the experimental process of amplicon sequencing, the meticulous assurance of contamination absence in reagents and operational steps is paramount.

Precautionary measures are essential for preventing false negatives or false positives, ensuring a more accurate reflection of sample community composition and structure. It significantly enhances the repeatability and reliability of experiments.

Currently, many companies implement controls solely at the initiation of the amplification stage, lacking the capability to identify negative and positive controls for detecting exogenous microbial contamination or operational process issues. Addressing this gap, Novogene introduces sample internal quality control management tools in the amplicon experiment process.

Each production batch is independently matched with negative and positive controls, beginning from the PCR amplification stage.

This comprehensive approach accompanies client project samples through the entire process, including:

  • amplification
  • library construction
  • sequencing
  • bioinformatics analysis

It ensures real-time data monitoring, contamination source identification, and data quality assurance, providing the highest quality and reliable amplicon sequencing and data analysis services.

Novogene's laboratory adheres to stringent operating procedures, maintains clean instruments and equipment following SOPs, and regularly trains laboratory personnel on operational procedures. The existing processes undergo continuous optimization to accurately pinpoint potential sources of sample contamination, thereby ensuring the precision of experimental results and upholding the credibility of scientific research.

Now, you can explore the capabilities of amplified sequencing with more confidence and take your research to new heights. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to revolutionize your sequencing experience with Novogene.

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Date Published: 13th February 2024

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