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Celsis Adapt™ Sample Concentrator System

The Celsis Adapt™ Concentrator is a recent addition to the Celsis rapid microbiological detection platform, specifically designed to remove non-microbial sample components. This system effectively eliminates cellular debris typically found in cell and gene therapies, as well as preservatives and antimicrobial agents present in cosmetic and personal care samples.

Celsis Accel® Rapid Microbial Detection System

The Celsis Accel® system offers a compact and user-friendly rapid microbial detection solution, built upon the robust and widely adopted Celsis Advance II™ platform. This system delivers results in less than 48 hours for microbial limits (USP <61>) quality control testing and 6 days for sterility testing (USP <71&

Celsis Advance II™ High-Throughput Rapid Microbial Detection System

The Celsis Advance II instrument provides a high-throughput ATP bioluminescence rapid microbiology detection solution that has helped companies worldwide screen products for microbial contamination. It offers an exceptionally high throughput of up to 120 assays per hour, supporting large-scale manufacturing operations by delivering results in less than 48 hours for microbial limits

Microsart® ATMP Bacteria/Fungi & ATMP Sterile Release

Rapid Bacteria and Fungi Detection in Only 3 Hours with Microsart® ATMP Sterile Release, fast filtration rates