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Sector: Food & Beverage

Test type: PCR

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foodproof® Salmonella Detection LyoKit

The foodproof® Salmonella Detection LyoKit is based on 5’ nuclease probes and provides rapid, accurate and actionable detection of Salmonella spp.. This highly specific and sensitive product has been validated with hundreds of different food matrices and a total of more than 750 different Salmonella serovars. Salmonella are rod-shaped, gram-negative

DNAnimal Testing Kits

Adulteration of food products is an important topic for food quality in particular keeping in mind allergies, ethics and regulations amongst other factors. Eurofins GeneScan Technologies' DNAnimal testing kits have been developed in order to verify authenticity of food products by detecting adulterations in regards to quality assurance. DNAnimal Screen

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Bio-Rad Laboratories
Clear Scientific
LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.
Milenia Biotec GmbH.
Q-Bioanalytic GmbH
Spex an Antylia Scientific Company