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Test type: Zika Virus

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Seroconversion and Verification Panels for Assay Development and QC

ZeptoMetrix® Seroconversion/Longitudinal Panels are intended for use by diagnostic manufacturers, researchers, and clinical laboratories to develop, evaluate, and/or troubleshoot new and existing assays. Our panels are organized as “longitudinal” (single donor specimens collected during the course of infection progression) or “seroconversion” (single donor

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altona Diagnostics GmbH
ARUP Laboratories
BioFront Technologies
Biopanda Reagents
CerTest Biotec SL
Clent Life Science
Co-Diagnostics, Inc.
Coyote Bioscience
Fast Track Diagnostics
GenArraytion Inc.
Norgen Biotek Corp.
Novacyt Group
Primerdesign Ltd
Siemens Healthineers
The Native Antigen Company
Vela Diagnostics
ViroStat Inc.